Chandler, AZ's Outstanding, Green Dry Cleaning at Great Rates!

Our Charter:

Our business was founded on three core principals: 

To provide outstanding service at competitive rates, while using environmentally friendly processes.

Sounds simple, right?  Yet, amazingly, dry cleaners simply do not attempt to nail this "trifecta".

No other dry cleaner in the valley can match us in all three of these areas!

Dry Cleaners typically fall into various buckets.  For example:
  • Those that provide the most basic of services at the cheapest rates.
  • High-end dry cleaners that charge extremely high-end rates.
  • "Green" cleaners that charge the customer a premium for being green.

The choice was cheap or good or green.

We simply shatter these molds!

We are the first dry cleaners in the valley to provide unsurpassed full-service dry cleaning, with truly Earth-friendly processes, at extremely reasonable rates!

In fact, while our non-toxic dry cleaning process costs us as much as 16 times the cost of the dry cleaning process used by 99% of all dry cleaners nationwide, we do not pass any of that cost on to our customers.  We do not charge a premium for 'being green'.  In general, our services are cheaper than most other cleaners, and the only cleaners we are aware of that charge less than us are the discount cleaners, who simply offer a completely inferior service.

Outstanding Cleaning Service:

Many dry cleaners are simply drop-stores; These stores outsource the actual cleaning service.  They neither own their own processing facility, nor control the quality of the finished product.

We do all of our own cleaning onsite at our facility.  We hold ourselves to exceptionally high standards regarding our finished product.

Moreover, many discount cleaners skimp on cleaning agents and cleaning processes (both pre-cleaning and post-cleaning processes, such as spot treatments).

Not us!  We provide a full-service treatment unsurpassed by any cleaner in the valley.  Try us!  You'll love how your clothes look and feel!


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