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The Problem with Typical Dry Cleaners:

>85% of dry cleaners use PERC - A toxic solvent linked to cancer, liver and nervous system damage, infertility, and hormonal disruption.

(To read an EPA report on dry cleaning and PERC, please click here. Another report on the EPA's website regarding dry cleaning with both PERC and Hydrocarbons can be found here.)

The most widely-used alternatives to PERC are Hydrocarbons:  Often marketed as "Organic" Dry Cleaners, Hydrocarbons are actually Volatile Organic Compounds considered by the EPA to be neurotoxins.

Two of the more commonly-used hydrocarbon dry cleaning solvents are DF-2000, which is made by Exxon-Mobile, and the deceptively-named EcoSolv made by Chevron.

Approximately 99% of all dry cleaners nationwide use either PERC or Hydrocarbons in their dry cleaning!

These solvents can contaminate our air, water, and soil, and if they do, it can be a massive effort to clean up the contamination.

You really do not want to breathe, or come into contact with, these solvents...and you don't want them on your clothing, either!

(click here to learn about our Environmentally-friendly approach to dry cleaning, and click here to read a Consumer Alert regarding the dry cleaning industry.)

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